Adhesive plate hangers

These Invisible Disc Adhesive Plate Hangers hold china, porcelain, crafts, large trays and platters, decorative tiles, and home decor of many different sizes and . This large plate hanger set contain four inch Disc Adhesive Plate Hangers. Use the hangers for plates up to diameter and 5. Our Adhesive Plate Hangers are a quick, easy and secure way to display collectibles and heirlooms. The hanger attaches to the back of a plate or bowl with a . The original Invisible disc adhesive plate hangers.

Provides strong adhesion to glazed and unglazed surfaces.

The disc is easily removed without damage to . Plate Hangers Flatirons Disc Original Invisible English Hanger, Picture Hooks, Accessories to Hang Plates, Trays, Platters, Porcelain, China, Decor on Wall. This invisible Disc Plate Hanger is perfect for hanging porcelain, china, earthenware, glass plates and unvarnished wood pieces. The Disc hangers are available in different sizes and can be cut to fit any shape and. When the glue becomes tacky apply the Disc to the back of the plate . The plates are hung using adhesive discs.

The disc can support a plate up to 6lbs. They have little metal hooks so they’re easy to hang, and the discs come .


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