Air grilles and diffusers

Full range of air diffusion devices for all your HVAC needs. Inlet Outlet devices for every conceivable ceiling, wall, floor or integrated . One of the leading grille, diffuser and damper manufacturers in the ACMV.

Registers, Grilles and Diffusers including Security Grilles, Registers, Security Diffusers, Security Grates; Stainless Steel Grilles, Registers and Diffusers; Slot . Underfloor Air Distribution; productimage segment Air Diffusers; productimage segment Filter elements. Ventilation grille with droplet shaped blades. X-CUBE Central Air handling units; productimage segment Grilles and Diffusers; productimage segment Chilled Beams; Fan coil units. Grille cores made of aluminium, with fixed horizontal blades. Manufacturer of grilles, registers, diffusers and terminal units and the flagship brand of Metal Industries Inc.

With this catalogue which features air distribution products and accessories we. Non Vision Transfer Air Door Grille. Our wide selection of grilles, registers, diffusers, and accessories includes a variety of shapes and sizes to meet any application and budget requirement. The Johnson Controls family of brands offer a full range of grilles and diffusers to control the pattern and flow of air.

Engineers, architects and contractors rely on . We manufacture the highest quality, most affordable residential and commercial grilles, registers and diffusers.

Looking for quality Air Conditioning Diffusers Grilles in Singapore? Check out the Green Book leading industrial, commercial, and consumer directory now! Ceiling swirl diffusers, nozzles and displacement outlets by SMARTAIR. February 201 operating in parallel with Air Grilles in these regions for three months. Grille diffusers with fixed or adjustable spread pattern.

Metal-Fab offers a complete line of Grilles, Registers, and Diffusers suited to meet your needs. We set high standards of design, production and finish on all of . A grille is a device for supplying or extracting air vertically without any deflection. A diffuser normally has profiled blades to direct the air at . Lindab have been supplying air terminal devices to the. Our range of grilles, louvres and diffusers have been designed .


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