Airbnb china clone

Xiaozhu short-term accommodation was the closest in concept and business model with Airbnb. However, the exact clone of Airbnb model may . One of China’s top Airbnb-like sites, Xiaozhu, has secured US$million in series B funding to help it grow.

It comes nearly months after its . How China’s Airbnb copycats beat the Silicon Valley titan at its own. Chinese Airbnb clone Xiaozhu valued at US$300m as investors tap . Airbnb is committed to succeeding in China, and we now have a.

Not content with trousering a $million Series B round in August this year, Zhubaijia has also gone for a Series C to the tune of $million this week. Airbnb denies China Daily report of talks with Xiaozhu. Xiaozhu, which is often described as the U. Its ‘Aibiying’ name change missed the mark but, apart from possible restrictions imposed by government, there may be little to stop the giant . In addition to having about 70home in China, Airbnb’s strategy.

As home-rental pioneer Airbnb is closing a whopping $1. USD roun one of its Chinese clones Xiaozhu – “little piggy” in Chinese .


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