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The ink has barely dried on Airbnb’s new Chinese name, but the jokes have come fast. On Wednesday (March 22) the home-sharing service announced it would be known as “Aibiying,” or 爱彼迎, in China. Airbnb is committed to succeeding in China, and we now have a Chinese name, 爱彼迎 (Aibiying), which means to welcome each other with . Airbnb announced Tuesday that it will double its investment in China, aiming to serve more Chinese travelers this year. Airbnb is redoubling its push into China, a market where fellow Silicon Valley titan Uber and many a tech . Airbnb says its Chinese name ‘Ài Bǐ Yíng’ is designed to be easier to pronounce, but netizens find it corny, antiquated or worse.

If you’re not familiar with a startup called Aibiying, you will be, as it’s the Chinese name of Airbnb. Airbnb made a major statement of intent for China last week when it launched its brand with a localised Chinese name ‘Aibiying’. Yesterday on Twitter, Airbnb Co-Founder Brian Chesky announced that his company has a new Chinese name, Aibiying, which translates to . This new name, 爱彼迎, does sound a bit awkward in Chinese. Why couldn’t they think of any better name?

Find unique places to stay with local hosts in 1countries. Airbnb revealed its new Chinese name for the service this week, but netizens in China couldn’t help but brutally mock the translation. The Chinese brand name for Airbnb loosely translates as ‘welcome each other with love’, and the company hopes a distinct Chinese identity . Labbrand tested 10possibilities to come up with a Chinese brand name for Airbnb.

Still, there was a backlash against the final choice. AIRBNB, the hospitality exchange service provider, gave itself a new Chinese name today, representing the firm’s ambition to expand into the . Aibiying” in China, one that translates as “welcome each other with love,” as it doubles . On Wednesday in Shanghai, Airbnb unveiled a new Chinese name — Aibiying, which means “welcome each other with love” — as well as . American short-term rental giant Airbnb has unveiled its brand’s new Chinese name for localisation. Airbnb’s game plan for growing its business in China involves rebranding from Airbnb China to a new Chinese name, “Aibiying” (爱彼迎), which . Its ‘Aibiying’ name change missed the mark but, apart from possible restrictions imposed by government, there may be little to stop the giant . The home rental company expands and rebrands in the Far East. Many US tech companies have found the Chinese market difficult to crack, but Airbnb is betting on a new name and an investment drive to help . Although Uber failed to dominate the vast and fiercely competitive Chinese market, Airbnb is still determined to make it a success.

After being a relatively passive player in China’s tourism market during the last few years, Airbnb is now doubling down on its plan to expand in . Airbnb unveiled plans for China travelers Labbrand generated new brand name—Aibiying—for the home-sharing company that means . China To Airbnb: New Chinese Name Is ‘Ugly-sounding’, Like ‘A filthy love hotel’.


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