Akamai china blocked

Ensuring your website is not blocked in China goes beyond. Akamai and Edgecast are not recognized as licensed China CDN providers. With more than 5million users, China has the world’s largest online population,.

Akamai’s China CDN offering, built with Akamai technology and enabled . Activists outside of China say they are disguising Internet traffic banned by Beijing—which includes anything from social networks such as . The Chinese authorities have chosen to block access to thousands of sites hosted. GreatFire assumed these sites would never be blocked in China because.

CDN, Akamai, have also been targeted. When someone in China requests a site that makes use of CDNs to deliver its. CDN, or block access to the CDN itself,. It wouldn’t be hard for them to take out Akamai or others for an . China has blocked access to HSBC’s banking portal and possibly.

China’s Internet users are at the mercy of government censors and the. They are quite pricey for Chinese standards, but. Not following the content laws can get your site blocked without notice.

In addition to Sajal Kayan’s and Corina Cooper’s lists, Level also has presence in mainland. I don’t know about CDNetworks and Akamai. Not following these laws can lead to your site getting blocked in China.


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