Akamai icp license

For a new integration of a customer, typically how long does the end to end process for the provisioning of an ICP licence take? If you want a serious web presence in mainland China, you’ll need an ICP License; and while there’s an increasing interest in cozying up to the . Getting a valid ICP License is your website’s ticket to online visibility in China. Read more about whether your site needs an ICP license or not.

By definition, all websites hosted on a Chinese server are required to register for an internet content provider (ICP) license. This licence regime was instated by the Telecommunications Regulations of the People’s Republic of China that was promulgated in September . ICP stands for Internet Content Provider).

Is it a permit issued by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information . In addition to Sajal Kayan’s and Corina Cooper’s lists, Level also has presence in mainland. You need an ICP license to use Level services for mainland China. I don’t know about CDNetworks and Akamai.

China in which case you are required to obtain an ICP license – something that can. We tested Akamai, Akamai through Rackspace, Edgecast, Internap and . The ICP license numbers can often be found on the bottom of a. In the context of CDNs, providers such as Akamai and CDNetwork offer some .


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