Amazon china in english language

The Chinese Amazon has become a trusted and well stocked online. Refresh page if the language does not change to English immediately! The entire shipping address is limited to no more than English characters input (including space).

If exceede the address information will not be printed out . Looking for foreign-language books, music, or DVDs at Amazon. Buy China and English: Globalisation and the Dilemmas of Identity (Critical Language and Literacy Studies) on Amazon. Hi, Could someone who’s used the site before, please tell me if there is an english version of Amazon China?

I’ve already trie but that . Is there an English version of the website, or only Chinese? Can I order English-language texts via the Chinese Amazon and save on delivery charges and time? The selection on Chinese Amazon looks . Amazon still can win in China, for it is not Alibaba.

English language interface elsewhere? It actually was oriented to anyone who prefers a Chinese language environment .


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