Ant proof pet bowls

Find Ant Free Pet Bowls, Pack of and more Ant Proof Pet Bowl at Amazon. Bacteria and odor resistant; Stands up to rough abuse, dishwasher safe. ANTBLOCKER Ant Free Dog Food Bowl Tray – Sandstone – 19in x 14in x 4in.

The Mote ant proof pet bowl protects your pets food from ants. Welcome to Ants Off, the home of ant proof pet feeders and ant free food for happier, healthier. WILL YOUR EXISTING BOWLS FIT ON THE Ants Off TRAY?

Keeping your cat colony’s food and water bowls ant-free can prove a challenging task.

This is not an original idea, but I didn’t have the money to buy one of the special bowls, so this is how to do it. The Mote ant proof bowl for dogs, cats and other pets. The solution to the ant problem is to put a water moat around the cat food bowl.

Starting with the stainless steel bowl for the . When you get an ant infestation here in California, you need to make sure your kitchen is clean with nothing to attact them.

The Antser ant-proof barrier is the pesticide-free way to prevent ants from infesting pet-food dishes, garbage cans, recycle bins,. Suitable for small pet bowls, sugar, cordials, honey, jam and other condiments. Replacement Ant Proof Plate repellent (Free Shipping AU wide). The Ant Proof Round Plate is great for keeping ants from getting to your dog or cats food bowl! The round Ant Proof Plate is 275mm in diameter.

Sep I thought Id post this url from Alley Cat Allies of the ant proof bowl that are out there. Martha Stewart shares an easy and practical tip that keeps pet food bowls free from pesky ants. A double level ant-proof pet food bowl includes a top food container having a first recess at a center of a bottom side of a base of the food . A barrier that can be filled with liquids and that connects to serving dishes, to prevent ants from getting into the foods. Fool-A-Bug Bowls is cleverly designed to stop bugs from crawling up and into your pets bowl.

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