Ant proof plate reviews

Used for protecting objects such as Pet bowls and sweet pantry foods against Ants. Ant Proof Plate shared The Biggs and Barr Show’s video. Years of protection; Natural ant repellant; day money back guarantee; Safe and non-toxic; Works without water; First and only existing product of its kind in the .

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our . Anti Industry Ant Proof Plate online delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wollongong and Australia wide. The Antser ant-proof barrier is the pesticide-free way to prevent ants from infesting pet-food dishes, garbage cans, recycle bins, sweets and pastries, etc. The Ant Proof Round Plate is great for keeping ants from getting to your dog or cats food bowl!

The round Ant Proof Plate is 275mm in diameter. They always seem to be covered in ants if there’s just the slightest scrap of food left. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get an ant-proof plate? The Ant Proof Plate will prevent ants from getting to your dog or cats food bowl! Cat Shop – Cat Bowl – Ant Proof Plate.

The idea for the Ant Proof Plate initially came to fruition to protect pantry condiments from ants . You will also LOVE; Description Features; Reviews; Online Shopping FAQs. Item Info; Customer Review(106); Question Answer(14); Shopping Talk(); Policy. The Ant Proof Plate is an Australian owned manufactured invention that does exactly what the name says.

The best maintenance free solution for ant . Welcome to Ants Off, the home of ant proof pet feeders and ant free food for happier, healthier. WILL YOUR EXISTING BOWLS FIT ON THE Ants Off TRAY? You can just put your pet dish in a big plate and fill the plate with. Amazing – I just had the exact same idea andd for ant-proof cat . Ant Proof Plates use an all natural, non-toxic ant repellent meaning you can rest assure your pet is safe.

Additional Information; Product Tags; Product’s Review . You dont have to share your food or your pets food with the ants if you dont want to. And of course you dont have to kill the ants. ANT PROOF PLATE ROUND – APPROX 30CM DIAMETER PROTECTS WHATS. Product Description; Additional Information; Product Tags; Product Reviews .


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