Anti ant tray

This tray is uniquely design to keep ants away from your food. Theory:- Many ants have difficulties walking . But humans get lazy and ants are tenacious little opportunists.

Prevent ants from eating your food before you. ANTBLOCKER Ant Free Dog Food Bowl Tray – Sandstone – 19in x 14in x 4in. Introduction Anti-Ant Magic Tray that may confuse the sense of smell and sight of an ant includes an upper disk, and a lower disk.

A friend recommended putting the food bowls in a tray of water to stop the ants.

I first tried the SMULA tray since I had one on hand. Years of protection; Natural ant repellant; day money back guarantee; Safe and non-toxic; Works without water; First and only existing product of its kind in the . Hi, Can anyone advise me of your victory battle with ants? I use combination: bio-x, dettol, vinegar, rubber bands at table legs, anti-ants trays. Anti Ant Tray deals with saving up to ! Price start from S$to S$13 don’t miss out on fantastic Anti Ant Tray deals in Singapore. May Logic: If ants are to climb in the maze, it would lose its scent and way to the food.

This is highly effective to prevent ants from eating into your . The New Anti-ant Tray Freaks Toby Out.

SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe 2121. Must really vouch for this product. Welcome to Ants Off, the home of ant proof pet feeders and ant free food for happier, healthier. WILL YOUR EXISTING BOWLS FIT ON THE Ants Off TRAY?

The ingenious design features a well underneath the tray. When filled with water, it forms a moat so pesky ants won’t get to your yummy treats. Description, Anti-Ant Tray – Small.

The Antser ant-proof barrier is the pesticide-free way to prevent ants from infesting pet-food dishes, garbage cans, recycle bins, sweets and pastries, etc.


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