Apothecary in a sentence

Read this page and learn how to use Apothecary in a sentence. Examples: The apothecary had to buy . Apothecary definition: An apothecary was a person who prepared medicines for people.

Example sentences containing ‘apothecary’. Examples of how to use the word apothecary in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.

English words and Examples of Usage.

The apothecary is a 5-minute walk from Florence’s Santa Maria . I am an apothecary of that hospital. The apothecary came in his pony and trap just before Pa got home. Define apothecary: a person who prepared and sold medicines in past times — apothecary in a sentence.

September 1st 20The Apothecary ‘s Drawer is back at its proper domain.

This is not an auspicious occasion. Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries. Looking for sentences or phrases with the word apothecary? The woman needed to go down to the apothecary shop. Apothecary definition, a druggist; a pharmacist.

Those in an MBA program, spelling bee organizers, those learning a new language might especially like this page. Burgess, assistant apothecary, attached to H. The Court having found the prisoner guilty, as above state doth .


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