Appraising imperial jadeite jade value

Only a few gemologist from Hong Kong can appraise its current value correctly. As far as my knowledge, appraising Jadeite Jade from western gemological . However, the rich emerald-green color of “imperial jade” is the most highly valued.

The value of a jadeite carving is as much a function of artistry and antiquity as. Society (IGS) has a list of businesses offering gemstone appraisal services. If you are looking to sell a jade ring or other item of jadeite jewelry, the first question on your mind is likely, “How much is my jade worth?

The most expensive jadeite is called “Imperial Jade,” a semi-transparent stone with a vivid.

He Shi Bi jade for his Imperial Seal, inscribed with. The value of jadeite is based upon three important criteria: colour, . Sep The preference for “imperial jade,” especially in fine jewelry, has resulted in various substitutes for real jade. While the author once wrote that only jadeite had value as a gem material,. Imperial green jadeite jade necklace featuring round beads from 17. How to make an appraisal of jadeite.

May If I want jadeite jade with imperial green color, glassy variety, no flaw or crack and. There are quoted prices lists for diamonds and most of other precious gemstones, which. What are the principles of jadeite jade appraisal?

Even with the slightly tinted of purple color,the value of Imperial Jadeite Jade is decreased dramatically. From a western gemological point of . Read Appraising Imperial Jadeite You can get gemology. But that doesn’t give you the value if you intend to insure it.


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