Avent steamer blender recipes

When I first heard about Avent combined steamer and blender, I wasn’t entirely sold. My initial thoughts were What will I do with it after my baby . Weaning Your Baby – A Philip Avent Event.

I have been using my Avent steamer cum blender slightly over a month. Yes, only posted recipe with the use of the appliance as it seems too . Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender for making yummy and. However, in my opinion, this steamer cum blender may be able to do a better.

If your oatmeal recipe is similar to cooking porridge, then, yes, you can. In the box you also receive a little recipe book to help you put . How To Use Philips Avent Combined Baby Food Steamer Blender. Avent Philip Combined Steamer and Blender: Making Sweet Potato Puree. The product comes with a recipe book that tells you how long to . Any good recipes to share for weaning ?


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