Beer launching fridge for sale

Here’s a do-it-yourself project where a guy has taken a small refrigerator and equipped it for automatic beer tossing. I wanted to get a beer to travel from the fridge across a room with minimal effort and maximum cool. Go here to see how you can build a beer .

You micturate there was an beer throwing fridge went and unsarcastic the halts and . Have you ever dreamed of having a robot that could fetch cold drinks as you sat and watched TV in your living room? The Beer Launching Fridge is a modified mini-fridge that catapults beer to the desired drinker by use of a keyless remote system.

He has designed a fridge that gets the beer for you. His beer launching fridge took “about months and several hundred dollars” to buil . Well, that was how I first conceived of the beer-launching fridge. There just might be a market for this, Julia Day, director of sales and . John hacked his mini refrigerator into what he calls the Beer Launching Fridge:.

The world’s first self-chilling can is to go on sale in the UK – which can. Now men no longer need fridges: First self-chilling beer can to go on sale in the UK. The UK launch of the can was made at the University of Surrey on .

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