Belgian waffle urban dictionary

The act of defecating on a laptop keyboar then closing the laptop to mold the feces into the shape of a Belgian Waffle. The laptop is then left closed until . I feel bad for Mark, we played belgium waffle last night and he lost. Yeah I just told him to think of it as freshly made whipped cream.

I got some quadruplet hotties over to my crib the other day and I worked the Belgian Waffle Stack on their asses. They then went home fully satisfied and swollen. When the male puts his semen in a Belgian waffle and then the female puts her pussy .

Nathan: Dude I belgian blue waffled my girlfriend last night. May A substitute for swearing, used on the disney XD television show Gravity Falls to stand in for swearing. When a man fills a woman’s anus with waffle mix, and proceeds to engage in anal intercourse.

The act of eating out a womans pussy with waffle batter poured in it.


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