Belgian waffle

Make and share this The Bestest Belgian Waffles recipe from Food. It was on a visit to my husband’s relatives in Belgium that I was given this waffle recipe. In a bowl, combine flour, sugar and baking powder.

Add milk, butter and vanilla; mix well. In North America, Belgian waffles are a variety of waffle with a lighter batter, larger squares, and deeper pockets than ordinary American waffles. The yeast in these eggy waffles makes for exceptionally deep pockets, perfect for capturing. Belgian waffles are tender and flavorful waffles made with yeast.

Make breakfast your favorite dessert! Two breakfast favorites—together at last! The irony of the Belgian waffle’s popularity in the U. Sep Quick Easy Homemade Waffles.

Makes to Belgian-style waffles. You’ll never use a mix again after you try this super easy recipe. Best Ever Belgian Waffles in the World” yeah I know that’s a big statement there for a simple waffle.

But you don’t understan coming from me . Crisp, golden, and sweet-smelling Belgian waffle recipe with a lighter-than-air center.

So easy to make, waffles come together with just a few . But what’s the difference between Belgian waffles and regular waffles? Belgian waffles are known for their large square and deep pockets that .


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