Best beer brands in singapore

Hoegaarden White Belgian Wheat Beer 330ml x 24. To the best craft beers in Singapore. Bottle draft beer brands available include Tempest brewing, Stone, Buxton, Harviestoun, lost coast, siren .

See this story in pictures: best Singapore-brewed beers gallery. Opened in 201 Little Island makes brilliantly-branded numbers like That . There’s no better way to unwind at the end of a tough week than with a good pint of beer, be it at home, in a pub or at a restaurant. The history of commercial brewing of beer in Singapore dates back to the mid-19th century,.

The main domestic brand is Tiger Beer, brewed by APB since 1932. The Asia Beer Awards are the largest beer awards held in Asia, with 160 . During the land portion of your tour see popular landmarks like the 45-foot (14-meter) high. Although Tiger Beer is Singapore’s Iconic Beer Bran Singapore’s . The best bars in Singapore to quaff down your craft beers. Curiously, most suds are only sold by the pint ($15-$18), with half pours only .


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