Black and decker rice cooker rice to water ratio

Free kitchen appliance user manuals, instructions, and product support. Black Decker RC32Rice Cooker User Manual. I have a Black and Decker Rice Cooker Plus that is wonderful.

How many parts rice + how many parts water will equal out to nice fluffy. It depends on the rice and container. How do you use a Black and Decker Rice Cooker Plus?

A rice cooker is a small electric kitchen appliance that cooks rice automatically.

It is so easy to use, you just add the rice and water, set the timer, and walk away. The ratio of water to rice is normally ½ cups of water to cups of rice. Anyone own a Black Decker Rice cooker?

The Black decker Corporation,. This rice cooker can cook up to measures of uncooked rice and yield a. Big dinners just got easier, thanks to the BLACK+DECKER 14-Cup Rice Cooker. Cooking takes just 20-minutes, and the unit keeps the delicious, fluffy rice . Unfortunately, my Black and Decker cup rice maker did not come with. For example, for measures of uncooked rice, fill with water to.

You will need to adjust your ratios depending on the machine, the rice, and its age.


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