Blast chiller freezer

Blast chilling is a method of cooling food quickly to a low temperature that is relatively safe from. The blast chiller is a cousin of the refrigerator, another appliance designed to store food between +°C and +°C, but the blast chiller is a higher . Williams’ Blast Chiller and Freezer (WBCF) range is designed to suit catering operations large and small, offering capacities from 10kg . Master-Chill blast chillers and freezers are designed to rapidly reduce food temp below 40°F eliminating the threat of bacterial contamination ensuring food . Freezers and blast chillers Irinox: more freshness and quality foods, lower costs and production time.

The technology of blast chilling and storing food service . Our range of blast chillers and freezers offer a systematic, safe method of cooling food quickly and hygienically, minimising bacterial growth and preserving food . It will accommodate three 10×12-inch trays of food. View a selection of Precision Refrigeration blast chiller freezer equipment. Refrigerator Ice Machine – Blast Chiller or Blast Freezer.

Imported Products; Bakery Equipment. Protect and serve your food and your customers. FOOD SAFETY – Refrigeration equipment keeps . In particular, it is a specialist in the production of refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated working tables, showcases for pizza, ice makers, cold rooms, blast chillers . Blast, chill or shock freeze to ensure fresh stable food with minimal damage to food products.

Rationalise your work, enrich your menu, reduce waste and increase profits.


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