Buy mini burger buns singapore

Am thinking of making mini burgers for a kiddie birthday party. Mini Butter Croissant, ZMBN 25g, 50pcs x 1carton. Mini Chocolate Danish, ZMC 25g, 60pcs x 1carton.

Extra Fine Wholemeal Burger Buns 4s . Sunshine Extra Fine Wholemeal Burger Buns 4s. Fortune Mini Peach Bun – Frozen 1g. Not the standard big burger buns, but mini ones.

Bun Palace – Manufacturer of Brea French Loaves Pastries. Buy Gardenia Hamburger Buns 4’s at RedMart. Singapore’s leading online grocery. Hamburger buns freshly baked with superfine whole meal flour. May And to match the mini buns, I need mini meat patties as well :).

Premium Potato Wholemeal Hot Dog Buns (240g). Extra Fine Wholemeal Burger Buns (220g).