Cake sizes and prices

All serving sizes are approximate generous! NEW AS OF MAY 2015~ ALL PRICES LISTED INCLUDE THE BOX FEE. This tIered cake chart is for number of pieces and pricing purposes only.

Buttercream cakes in this category are offered in one size (untiered). Image detail for -Wedding Cake Prices and Sizes . Pricing is definitely one of the hardest parts of doing a cake business. Cake pricing-grid information below is: To give some examples, looking at the price grid below: # A Chocolate or Vanilla cake with your choice of . Here is a quick look at our prices, options and sizes on our standard party cakes. We have many more options than can be listed here, so just give us a call if you . To price a cake you must have the mind set that no one can bake a cake quite like you.

We make our cakes in rounds, squares and sheets. Rounds and squares are three layers of cake with two layers of filling and sheets are two . Here you can take a look at our size chart and determine what size cake will suit your requirements.


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