Can happy call be used on induction cooker

Sep Can i use Happycall Pan on induction Cooker? I see that the HPC will not work on induction ovens, but what if you used an induction disk? Happycall Alumite Ceramic Pots – A Personal Review.

But once you’re used to this cookware, you will remember not to handle the pots directly. Are you able to advise if this HC ceramic pot can be used on induction cooker? Can be used on induction cooker and very good quality.

Used cart coupons and ended up paying lesser.

Is Happycall pan work with induction cooker? HAPPYCALL – ULTIMATE IH PLASMA SERIES 688. These red patented silicon gasket can effectively seals pan to prevent greasy. Hi Ellena, can this pan be used on an induction cooker? Maybe she can let us know which of the gmarket suppliers she bought it from.

Anybody know if this thing works on induction cooker? I’ve tried cook fish using happy call flip pan, I didn’t using oil at all, and it only takes about 5-minutes. The pan cannot be used on induction hob only on regular stove.

Bought the 32cm one that can be used on induction cooker costing me $while the one that can only. Sep I was drawn into the recent craze – The Happy Call Pan! FB, it can be used on ceramic induction hob (if that’s what you are referring to). You can create a scrumptious meal for your family and friends and bring .

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