Can you cook paella in a frying pan

No, any flat skillet or pan would do if you dont use too much rice and. But one recipe I read said you must have a special paella pan. What’s so special about a paella pan? AC saute pan, no lid; and a cast iron skillet with high, straight-ish sides.

Add one more fluid ounce of stock and carry on cooking for a further 5-10. You will also need a heavy inch (cm) frying-pan and a deep soup plate to serve. My Spanish grandma always used a dutch oven.

It’s harder to get a good socarrat that way but. If you use a typical cast-iron skillet, you can still get the socarrat (crispy bottom). Just be sure not to stir the mixture while it’s cooking. Ideally that pan would be set over a wood fire, to give the dish a. I make his paella with arborio and no one notices the difference, even under . Either way, you’ll have to move and rotate the pan to distribute the heat. Or you can cook the paella outdoors on a large gas or charcoal grill, or even over a . You can get special Paella Pans, but most amateur home cooks end up using the broadest frying pan they can lay their hands on, instead.

Early paellas were cooked outdoors over wood-burning fires for.

You can substitute a stainless steel or aluminum skillet, but cast-iron and .


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