Cast iron grill pan recipes

If you’re craving a little bit of summer grilling in the middle of winter, what do you do? Get out your trusty grill pan, of course! These grill pan recipes show that you don’t have to own an outdoor charcoal or gas grill to enjoy great grilled food.

Grill Pan Recipes You Can Make Year Round. Grill Pan Flat Iron Steak With Chimichurri Sauce. Cast iron shines when it comes to high-heat cooking, like searing steaks or charring vegetables, but it’s so much more versatile than that.

Take a break from your nonstick pan and pull out the versatile cast iron skillet.

But versatile cast iron goes from stovetop to oven to grill with such ease that you . You do want to heat up the pan regardless of what you’re cooking,. Rhoda says to clean grill pans just like you would cast iron cookware. Martha Stewart suggests using a cast iron grill pan to get the look of grilled food year round without going outdoors.

You can adapt just about any stovetop cast iron pan recipe to be prepared on the grill. Yes, even if you have a charcoal grill.

Strawberries Cream Skillet Bread Pudding. Corned Beef Skillet Hash with Eggs and Cheddar. Grill pans usually have either a cast iron cooking surface, or a nonstick surface. Cast iron is generally the best choice, because its heavy weight will allow it to . These cast iron recipes go way beyond skillet cornbread.

May One of our favorite methods for cooking steak indoors is to sear it in a cast-iron pan on the stovetop to get a beautiful crust, then finish it in the . Steak is made for cast iron cooking. In this recipe, I am using this grill pan. You can also use a cast iron skillet if you have one. I mean, would you ever guess this plate of yumminess never touched . Fact is, a hob-top grill pan, griddle pan, ridged skillet (call it what you will) will. How you treat it early on will affect its whole cooking life.

Once a spot of rust sets in on your cast-iron cookware you will never truly get rid of it. My favorite pan to cook in, by far and with no close runner-up, is my 35-year-old cast-iron skillet. A cast-iron pan makes whipping up a satisfying 30-minute supper, savory sides,.

These recipes offer maximum flavor with minimal cleanup.


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