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This page lists characters who play a small part in China, IL. Jump to Main characters – Frank Smith (voiced by Brad Neely) – The brother of Steve Smith who is a history teacher at the University of China, IL. Pony Merks (episodes, 2011-2015).

Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of China, IL with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at TVGuide. It centers around Steve and Frank Smith, history professors at the worst school in America. Aerith and Bob: The four main characters are Baby Cakes, Pony Merks, and. The Super Deluxe shorts and the pilot episode reveal Baby .

The dean of the university is voiced by no one less than Hulk Hogan—and daughter Brooke drops by for a few episodes, too.

The series revolves around the crazy happenings and characters at the University of China, IL, the worst college in America. The comedy series revolves around Frank and Steve Smith, The Professor Brothers, two off-kilter teachers residing at the University of China. Frank and Steve Smith are brothers who teach in the history department of a state university in China, IL. They also happen to be legends in . Sep The admiration extends to the artist’s Adult Swim series, China, IL, which.

Characters include a chubby man-child named Baby Cakes, the . Centered around brothers Steve and Frank Smith, who teach in the history department, their TA Pony Merks (voiced by Greta Gerwig), a lovable . Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin Sclopio Peepio. Wild Hogs is the most recent episode of China, IL to date. Main characters in China, IL have occasionally broken out into original songs in several episodes before, but this very musical episode is . We get a slightly more normal episode of China IL as compared to last.

Yea, Frank’s butt really took on a character of its own and it was . Sep Watch China, IL’s Baby Cakes Awkwardly Pitch a Meat-Flavored.


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