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CHOPE Make real-time reservations at Singapore’s best restaurants. Chope offers real-time reservations with instant confirmation. Instantly reserve at over 20top restaurants in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Bali and Jakarta. Book a restaurant and get Chope-Dollars!

Chope helps restaurant owners increase reservations and brings awareness of your restaurant across Singapore.

Instantly reserve at Singapore’s top restaurants, gain access to exclusive offers, and earn rewards just for booking! CHOPE \chōp\ transitive verb (Singapore slang): to reserve, such as a seat in a. You will need your Reservation Confirmation ID and phone number to login . Login to make manage bookings more easily. Chope does not give your info to third parties.

Chope is the popular seat reservation and queue management start-up shaking up the FB sector. Subscribe to DBS BusinessClass for regular business . Chope allows you to make instant reservations and discover great restaurants. What’s more, you may use Chope e-vouchers during your meals, which allow you . Chope helps busy diners make instant reservations at Singapore’s best restaurants: hours a day, days a week, hassle free. Chope, a Singapore-headquartered startup, has new ammunition to expand. Join our community or now to start posting replies!

Singapore Press Holdings had invested US$1. Chope got to where it is today by dogged persistence on product, and . CHOPE Make real-time reservations at Shanghai’s best restaurants. Enter your registered email address.

A new password will be sent to you. Find out which award-winning restaurants are on Chope to reserve yourself a table and experience dining at . So to avoid this hangry situation, Chope is here to the rescue. With more than 9restaurants to choose from in Singapore, you no longer have . If you are too shy to be all serious about getting someone to be your official other half, this Chope You Card will be a great alternative.


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