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Uses for a Colander You’d Wish You Had Known Before. The humble colander can do more than drain pasta. Repurpose this functional kitchen stalwart!

Here are seven clever things you can . Zucchini may not seem like it’s packed with H2O, but this summer squash has a water content higher than watermelon. A colander is a metal, plastic or ceramic bowl with a perforated bottom and sides. It is used straining liquids from solid foods, and a colander comes in h.

Well, it can do a lot more than just drain pasta or other food. Thanks to an article we came across on DiY Life, we’ve now got 10. How to Shop for and Use a Colander.

Tips for buying a colander: How to make the most of your purchase. Earlier this week, the DIY Life blog wrote about “Clever Uses for Colanders. The post, written by Diane Rixon, includes some smart ideas for .

A Colander is a bowl that has perforations in the bottom (some models have their sides perforated as well as the bottom.). Colanders are not very good to use as a sieve, as the holes are usually too big to catch everything. A Colander can be made of plastic, ceramic, enamelware, or.

I’ve rounded up a few easy and awesome projects that’ll put that extra colander to good use, and also add design appeal to your living space. Sep It’s a strainer, a colander, a mesh thingy, whatever. It is usually fine mesh and bowl-shape good for rinsing a pint of berries or draining pasta.

A colander is typically a larger bowl-shaped strainer, often with bigger holes (although that’s not always the case). May Unusual New Uses for your Colander! Perfect for holding cake pops so much more!

Pin it these great tips to SAVE this list! It drains liquid away from solid stuff you don’t want soggy, an well, not much else. Food items like spaghetti or noodles have to be put in a colander before eaten, to separate the solid cooked item from the waste liquid. The holes will let heat escape but the colander will trap the splatters.

The metal colander will be hot—use an oven mitt to remove it. Among the humblest – and to tell you the truth I never pay them any mind except when I force myself to -are my colanders. Cooking Utensils: How to Use a Colander.

These clever uses for ordinary household items. The multiuse colander will also fend off flies at a picnic or cookout if you upend one over a tray of food.


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