Define sanitary napkin

A sanitary napkin, sanitary towel, sanitary pa menstrual pa or pad is an absorbent item worn. Sanitary pad synonyms, Sanitary pad pronunciation, Sanitary pad translation, English dictionary definition of Sanitary pad. English dictionary definition of sanitary napkin.

A pad of cotton or other absorbent material worn by women to absorb the menstrual flow. Definition of sanitary napkin – Our online dictionary has sanitary napkin information from The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English dictionary. Define sanitary pad (noun) in American English and get synonyms.

Synonyms for sanitary napkin at Thesaurus. Health Gate has introduced a sanitary napkin that not only meets the hygienic. Modern day sanitary towels originated when nurses noticed another use for. Arunachalam Muruganantham has helped bring cheap sanitary pads to rural India, by inventing a simple machine to make them – but it nearly .

The definition of menstrual hygiene management includes. Cloth Mentrual Pads and Reusable Mentrual Pads. German-English Dictionary: Translation for sanitary pads.

See the most useful Sanitary Napkin meaning in Urdu along with English definition. Meaning in Hindi, what is meaning of sanitary napkin in Hindi dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of sanitary napkin in .


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