Diy mugs with acrylic paint

How many of you have seen those Sharpie DIY mugs all over Pinterest? I have painted mason jars and wine glasses with acrylic glass paint . I bought some white glazed ceramic mugs for the kids to make their Father’s Day gifts.

I thought I had enamel paint, but only have acrylic paint. Mom’s Day Doodle (easy to do with acrylic paints bake). Q-tips in acrylic paint to make the dots, then.

Just use Enamels Acrylic Paint Bake!

Painted jars – acrylic paint bake for minutes (350f). DIY Painted Mugs That Won’t Wash Away – Finally, a marker for DIY mugs that. If you’ve been burned on a DIY marker mug before you might be a bit gun-shy to try.

So glad I saw this post, I’m literally heading to michael’s now for paint and . Do It Yourself painting on ceramic mugs with acrylic paints, This also works with permanent marker! Credits to Estefania Cruz for Editing and voice over. Notes: Bake the acrylic mugs for a long lasting effect !


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