Duplex strainer catalogue

The Sure Flow Duplex Strainer removes dirt and debris from pipelines and. The Universe of Industrial Valves from Sure Flow. Y strainers in metals such as cast iron, carbon steel, bronze and stainless steel; and in corrosion resistant plastics such as.

Fabricated Basket and Duplex Strainer Pressure Drop – Liquids. Ordering Selection Table and Pressure Drop Chart. Bucket filter, double 10036200Maximum differential pressure at 20°C (bar) 122018 . A1431A – KRAISSL THREE-PIECE DUPLEX STRAINERS FILTERS.

MODEL SIMPLEX AND DUPLEX STRAINERS AND FILTERS are designed for. The ‘Firplex’ strainer is manufactured in a dual configuration with each strainer having two filter chambers. MODEL 53BTX AND DUPLEX BASKET STRAINERS.

Marine Products Catalogue CLICK HERE. We have screens and baskets for all makes of Y, basket and duplex. Consult GL Ludemann’s 1lbs Rating Duplex-Strainer brochure on DirectIndustry.

Duplex D-Type Strainer D-Type Dual Basket Strainer – (25mm – 1mm) NB Duplex strainers are used for pipelines operating continuously incorporating . Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel; Duplex Stainless Steel; Cast Steel, Bronze and Stainless Steel; Forged Steel,.

Includes all Mueller Steam Specialty Y strainers, basket strainers, duplex strainers, check valves rubber seated butterfly valves. DB Series duplex basket strainers are available in PVC, CPVC, GFPP and Eastar.


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