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Today we are delighted to announce the global launch of The Economist Espresso, a new morning briefing from the editors of The Economist. The Economist Espresso is a new morning briefing from the editors of The Economist. Delivered to your smartphone or inbox before breakfast, it tells you what’s . I think it’s great, obviously, because I invented it—while half-asleep on a plane to South Africa.

What is your review of The Economist Espresso (app)? The Economist Espresso will be 171-year-old weekly magazine’s first daily edition. Brevity is indispensable for news organizations looking to break into the ever-growing market of mobile readers, but telling complex stories in .

Working with the team at The Economist and Pivotal Labs we delivered an iOS Android app that delivers a bite-sized daily news . On Thursday the British news and business publication launched The Economist Espresso, its first daily edition. The Economist Espresso The Economist is reporting 1m downloads of its Espresso app that was launched a year ago.

Economist Espresso app on a smartphone screen. Drupal backend for the native iOS and Android Espresso apps was a perfect fit. That is one of the many reasons The Economist launched its daily morning briefing app, Espresso, nearly a year ago.

Check out the daily app ranking, rank history, ratings, features and reviews of top apps like The Economist Espresso – Brief Morning News Update on iOS Store. A morning briefing from the editors of The Economist. The Economist launched the Espresso app in November 2014. Espresso offers a morning briefing from the editors of The Economist, six days a week.

Khaleej Times – 2017-01– OPINION. Talking about a revolution: Russia. The Bolshevik revolution offers grounds for reflection. We applaud the ‘no-strings attached’ way that this app operates.

A new digital edition of The Economist is automatically downloaded to your device daily and . At the end of last week, weekly global news publication The Economist announced a new offering called The Economist Espresso. When it comes to video, The Economist has invested in both long documentaries and short, social-friendly clips. But when it comes to VR, it’s taking its time.

Espresso was my fault,” laughs Tom Standage, Deputy Editor at The Economist. In response, Chief Marketing Officer Michael Brunt carefully suggests Espresso, .


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