Electric privacy glass film

Smart Tint switchable film applies to any new or existing glass allowing. Self-Adhesive Switchable Electronic Privacy Window Film for existing. No modifications to glass are necessary – just trim, stick .

Invisishade Switchable Privacy Film Smart Windows. Projected smart glass global revenues of $4. Very rarely do you come across an . Check out Sonte Film, Smart Tint and InvisiShade smart glass options.

Self-Adhesive Electronic Privacy Film lineup. Magic Glass, Magic Film, Smart Glass, Smart Film, Electronic Glass, . Buy Smart Film-Switchable Electronic Privacy Film -sample – 6x(inch): Window Treatments. CM Privacy smart glass price with smart film . Glass Apps Switchable Privacy Glass and Film was developed to add many degrees of functionality to your glass, energize your glass by adding Glass Apps.

The switchable smart film provides immediate privacy and security, when require. It does this by passing an electrical current through an LCD interlayer, in the. SPD glass, smart glass, smart film, privacy glass, .


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