Espresso macchiato

Caffè macchiato sometimes called espresso macchiato, is an espresso coffee drink with a small amount of milk, usually foamed. The macchiato (mah-key-AH-toe) is a cornerstone of Italian coffee culture, along with the espresso and cappuccino, among other coffee drinks. It’s basically an espresso (served in a demitasse cup) with a small amount of foamed milk on top — the name macchiato means “marked.

May They may sound similar, but the Espresso Macchiato and the Latte Macchiato are near opposites when it comes to taste. Give in to temptation with this essential gourmet Espresso. The combination of Espresso Grand Cru with a drop of milk in the centre creates an intensely smooth experience.

Prepare some milk froth using the Aeroccino milk frother or the steampipe of your Nespresso machine.

The Espresso Macchiato is a drink for the coffee lover. In this post we look into the difference between long and short macchiato’s. Definition: A single or double espresso topped with a dollop of heate texturized milk and (usually) served in a small cup. Espresso Macchiatos (a.k.a.

Caffe Macchiatos) are compact, flavorful drinks consisting of espresso and foamed milk. This classic European-style beverage is made with a perfectly pulled shot of our signature espresso marked ever-so-lovingly by a dollop of . Okay, now I’m going to show you how to make a macchiato, this is one of my favorite espresso drinks.


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