Ethernet oam packet format

Don’t revisit an existing PHY to add OAM. Format of rest of frame is Code dependant. Review of Metro Ethernet technologies Ethernet OAM.

Slow protocol using packets called OAMPDUs which are never forwarded. Specifies procedures message formats exchanged and NOT how. A:SW1# oam eth-cfm loopback 0c:a4:02:05:cc:mep domain association 3. The packet capture of an LBM message is as follows-.

Transmitted Ethernet OAM messages or OAM PDUs are of standard length, untagged Ethernet frames within the normal frame length. The Code field denotes the type of OAM packet. Name; Short MA Name Format – Vlan-I VPN-I integer or string-based.

Thus, OAM packets are sent in-band with data traffic (using CC Type 1: In-band VCCV). Internet-Draft OAM for VPLS November 20Ethernet MAC. VPLS OAM uses the packet format and encapsulations of MPLS Echo . CFM) is a standard defined by IEEE.

It defines protocols and practices for OAM (Operations, Administration, and CFM MD Levels Example IEEE 80ag Ethernet CFM (Connectivity Fault Management) protocols . Sep Introduction to Ethernet OAM.

MEP functions may also be used for the server layer packet transport links. Ethernet Service OAM Frame Format and Protocol Elements.


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