Fizzics waytap review

The Fizzics Waytap is a cool-looking portable gadget that gives most canned and bottled beer a freshly tapped taste and mouthfeel. Fizzics Waytap Draft Beer SysteCompatible with 12-25oz cans and 12oz bottles; require AA batteries. Fizzics way tap is a personal beer dispenser that improves the flavor and taste of canned or bottled beer to.

No one had a positive review for it that tried mine. The Fizzics System is the world’s first portable Draft Beer System that improves the flavor and taste of ordinary. Bulky, now thinking about buying the newer version from Fizzics, the Waytap.

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Using our same Fizzics Micro-Foam Technology as the Original Fizzics, the new Fizzics Waytap lets you share and enjoy the true taste of beer the way the . Sep When we first tasted beers from Fizzics’ countertop draught system last. The new device is called Waytap and it still uses those Micro-Foam . Transform the way you enjoy your beer with the Fizzics Waytap Draft Beer System. Designed to produce delicious and perfectly balanced . Based on what we’re told by the manufacturer, the new Fizzics Waytap system functions identically to the original using the same Micro-Foam Technology.

Video includes Fizzics Waytap assembly, using the system (pour and top), and cleaning.


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