Gene cafe roaster

In stockThe roaster is extremely quiet compared to air machines, and even compared to other drum roasters. The Gene Cafe is a machine I tested for over a year, .

The Gene Cafe’s unique controls allow for manual adjustments for time and temperature during the roast cycle. The off-axis glass roast chamber allows for maximum visibility during the roast cycle. The Gene Cafe has a half pound batch capacity and uses a unique off-axis rotation.

The Gene Cafe Roaster This new roaster has a combination of a drum and a fluid bed roaster which coffee aficionados will love in this new innovative design.

ZQ4jwSimilarUploaded by The Captain’s CoffeeDemonstrating how to use the Gene Cafe coffee roaster. Gene Cafe USA is the home for all Gene Cafe coffee roasters and parts. From the pan roaster, to the CBR-1half pound roaster, to the CBR-12kilo roaster. So, before we get into talking about the Gene Café CBR-1Home Coffee Roaster (the subject of this article), we figure we may as show you .

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