Halal ban mian

Where to eat authentic Chinese hawker fare made with halal-certified ingredients. Click to see more halal ban mian in .

Mr Teh Tarik Bedok North – Ban Mian. Just a quickie to start the week everyone! Actually, I have this dish quite often at Mr Teh Tarik Bedok . I wasn’t really a fan of Ban Mian in the first place. I didn’t even know what was Ban Mian all about!

I was with my friends and I remember the . Audi Bazil Roslan recommends Halal Ban Mian at Sedap Food Court. Ban Mian (Handmade Chinese Noodle in Soup). I love the Ban Mian at Banquet restaurants. After having had my fair share of Ban Mian, I feel . Official account of the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) on Halal food certification queries.

Information now comes in bite-sized . Turns out, Gogo Franks is certified Halal by MUIS.

Halal-certified stalls under its roof such as the yong tau fu, western, ban mian stalls. Although not founded in Singapore, Chinese handmade ban mian noodles are gradually assimilating into our list of local foods. Searching for Halal food in Singapore? I’ve always felt incredibly blessed to reside in a multi-racial country such as Singapore – where no .


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