Heat resistant glass flint

Which variety of glass is heat resistant ? Hard glass (b) Flint glass (c) Pyrex glass (d) Bottle glass.

Question: Which variety of glass is heat resistant ? Hard glass 2) Flint glass 3) Pyrex glass 4) Bottle glass. Glass is made from the mixture of. A substance which changes readily into vapour without heating is called.

May The approximate composition of ordinary glass is given by the formula, Na2O. Pyrex glass is highly heat resistant. Heat resistant glass is a type of glass that is designed to resist thermal shock. This glass is believed to be better than any other ordinary glass available.

Flint glass is optical glass that has relatively high refractive index and low Abbe number (high dispersion). Flint glasses are arbitrarily defined as having an Abbe . Classification of Glass As per composition and properties glass may be classified as : 1. Heating Glassware Kimax and Pyrex are two brands of heat-resistant glassware. Flint glass has a low resistance to heat and chemicals, but is inexpensive.

Flint glass is made from — (A) SiO2andB2O(B) Na2COand K2CO(C) PbCO(D) All of these 5. Which of the following glasses is the most heat resistant ? Ceramics, stones, porcelain; Metal; Glass ceramic (heat resistant glass). Flint glass; Green glass; Amber glass; Other colours and combinations of colours.


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