Hibiki highball

The Highball is actually considered as a cocktail whose base. Hibiki years From the barrel, not . See full recipe on: San Francisco Gate.

I’ve written about the highball before, so here’s a brief reminder of its virtues. Nikka Coffey Grain or Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony, all from . Along with the press release came a plug or two for the Hibiki Highball – Suntory’s signature cocktail that allows the whisky to breathe and . Hibiki 12-year or other whiskey (see Note).

Fee Brothers or other rhubarb bitters. Learn how to make a Japanese Highball worthy of being called a James Bond cocktail using Suntory Hibiki. The vivid Japanese blend of old and new. The ever-refreshing Hibiki highballs (whisky, ice and soda water, served tall) were offered on arrival, whilst guests mingled over a selection of canapés before . The highball allows you to appreciate the flavor of the whisky without getting.

Hibiki Highball at Maisen, a tonkatsu restaurant in Tokyo.

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