Next, pour your chosen liquor—the highball began as a whiskey drink, but soon became less exclusive—over the ice. Finally, pour in the sparkling water (club soda or seltzer). If one of your guests is stir-crazy, our 19Handbook for Hosts advises, give him a plastic or.

A simple cocktail, most commonly made with two ingredients – a spirit and a carbonated mixer, and served in an ice-filled highball glass. You may be wondering what is a highball ? Despite what you might think, it’s indeed a beverage considered as a cocktail. This week, we’re discussing highballs, perhaps the easiest class of cocktail to make.

A highball is a group of drinks made of a base spirit and a . Short of simply popping open a beer or a straight slug of whiskey, there are few drinks that are less labor-intensive than the venerable highball. Singapore’s first highball cocktail bar is now open at Kampong Bahru. Let’s get one thing out of the way: the most well-known highball is a whisky and soda.

But it’s not just a whisky and soda.

May Master the classic highball cocktail using these easy, refreshing recipes. Highball serves fancy cocktails in Kampong Bahru, Singapore. See menus, reviews, pictures and make an online reservation on Chope. If we highball the price, it comes out to $240.

She and her all-female bartending crew serve up simple and affordable highballs, starting at ($10), such as gin and tonics, and whisky-sodas. Check out images of the Battelle Costume Couture Fashion Show, street performances, costumes, and more on the HighBall Halloween Facebook page. A highball is any spirit served with a carbonated beverage over ice.

The origin of the term highball is about as difficult to pin down as a champagne bubble. Highball is an iPhone app for collecting and sharing cocktail recipes. Choose the ingredients, description, and custom drink image, then share . Highball 20brought together the most talented bartenders from around the metropolitan area to demonstrate their boozy creations and compete drink for drink .

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