Hitachi fridge review 2015

Usually people only recommend Mitsubishi and Hitachi! After using multi door, I won’t go back to normal 2-door top freezer fridge. I bought Hitachi Refrigerator Door 6Ltrs.

I never knew that the quality of its parts is . I downloaded Panasonic, Hitachi and Mitsubishi catalog. I am interested to buy freezer bottom, fridge at top, shelves would do also. I ended up with the Hitachi R-SG37BPS.

The temperature for the freezer and refrigerator can be set . A US-style fridge freezer with mighty performance to match its style. Not sure if it’s the cheapest place to buy Hitachi fridge tho’. May Hitachi fridges comes in few similar models – Hitachi R-SF42YMS, Hitachi. Hitachi R-SF55YMS (first) has the top adjustable pocket and the air sealed compartment (good for durians etc). So no one actually has a Hitachi fridge huh?

I had seen somepost review on the Hitachi Fridge, mentioning there is a open reservoir behind the fridge breeding mosquitoes :dunno: . Shop for best Hitachi refrigerators and fridge online. Hitachi R-VG560P3MS Top Freezer Refrigerator – GBK FREE VACUUM CLEANER.


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