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Visit our Showroom for Special in store Promotions! Mayer Package Hob MM72IH + Hood TABLACAP + Oven MMDO10C. Model: MM72IH + TABLACAP + MMDO10C Retail Price: $297.

List of Hob And Hood sale events, promotions, price list and other happenings in Singapore.

Ariston 3-in-Bundle: Slimline Hood + 75cm Hob With Burners + 58L Oven. EF 3-in-Bundle: 90cm Hood + 90cm Black Tempered Glass Hob + 65L Built In . Every Tecno product, from our iconic cooker hobs, hoods and ovens to our small appliances, are carefully engineered to give you. The Largest Collection of Quality Mattress, Beds and Furnitures at the Lowest Prices. Free Delivery and Installation in . Don’t overlook Turbo’s hob and hood promotions.

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Mayer hob hood package 8MMGH860MMSHL900. Mayer hob hood package 17MMGH770MMCHG900MMDO10C. FUJIOH Gas Hob is the perfect counterpart to your preferred FUJIOH Oil Tech Cooker Hood. They will make an eye-catching pair in your kitchen and help . Shop for hoods, chimney hoods and kitchen stove hoods online at.

Tecno 90cm Ultra Slim Hood with Black Acrylic Panel TH911T. City Gas was established on 2nd January 20as a divested entity from PowerGas Ltd. Its core business is to focus on production of town gas and retail it . Consists of: Tempered Glass Hob (L9218) Slimline Hood (L9306) Total Price: . BTW, do you know that Ikea now sells Hoo Hob and Oven!

HOBZ – The most promising and trusted local brand in the market. HOBZ provides years warranty to all our hob, hood and oven. Wide variety of established brands with wide range of sizes designs and budgets to fit into your kitchen.