How many watts does a refrigerator use per day

How much electricity does my refrigerator use? One reader estimates her savings to be $2per year for trading in her 19fridge for a 20model. Almost all the bigger fridges being made these days are side-by-side.

How Much Power Do Your Appliances Use? A 300-watt item used for minutes per day will only consume 25-watt hours per day. List of the Power Consumption of Typical Household Appliances.

How much electricity is it really wasting? Use the information below to estimate how much electricity an appliance is. Daily kWh consumption × number of days used per year = annual energy consumption.

Appliance, Hours in Use, KWH Use Months Use Annual KWH, Annual Cost. Lighting – CFL, Watt (75W incandescent equivalent), 9 1 2 $3. Annual Cost is based upon the statewide average of cents per kiloWatt hour (kWh).

A refrigerator that operates a lower wattage uses less electricity. How many watts are required to power a refrigerator? How much does a fridge cost to run? Of course this is unavoidable as fridges must be run hours per day to keep food fresh.

Take a look at the overview of the use per electrical. Combi fridge-freezer A+, 1to 2W, 3days – continuously, 2kWh.


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