How much electricity does a mini refrigerator use

Compact refrigerators are the right size to use space efficiently. Compact refrigerators are cheap to operate, and not surprisingly, they use less electricity that their full-size counterparts. Energy consumption depends on the size of the refrigerator. I was thinking about getting a mini fridge for my room, but then the.

Assuming the fridge uses watts, that would be $per year. During the summer, electricity in California costs about 10x as much as it does in other . Bar Fridges and Mini Fridges: How much do they cost to run? Energy Star Certified mini fridge uses an average of 250-3kilowatt hours per year . May To gain a sense of how much energy minifridges use on the Williams.

Generally, how often do you think that you use the fridge in the course. Average electricity consumed by small minifridge ≈ 1. It is not like a normal small mini-fridge. I don’t even think a inch tv would use that much power.


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