How much rice can be cooked in 3 litre cooker

What size rice cooker (in liters) is needed to cook one kilogram of rice? The rice cooker will need to hold somewhat more, at least 2. Not too many of these in the market in India, though:.

This size can pressure cook cups of dry rice (servings) or cups of soup. Laura, re the small, 2-qt cookers: have you ever tested how much faster they reach . Jump to This is getting too technical, just tell me how much rice, beans or stock. Liter, Dia (mm), Height (mm), Gauge (mm), Cooking Cap No of person.

Foods are cooked much faster in pressure-cooking as it uses much less water. Liter pressure cooker can cook double or a little more than . How can I convert from litres to kgs or vice versa? Re: Rice Cooker capacity Рlitres to kgs. How much should I spend on a pressure cooker? How do I choose between an electric and a stove stop pressure cooker?

It also offers a large range of sizes to suit the family size (from to litre models) and type of cooking. Rice and risottos will cook perfectly every time.


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