How to fix gas hob igniter

A step by step guide on how to change an ignition electrode on a cookers hob. Here is an easy fix if you hear the ignitor clicking but not lighting the burner. We replaced this item as well as the wiring and individual igniters to cure chronic gas burner ignition problems: endless clicking.

First steps in gas igniter troubleshooting for gas stoves cooktops: burner won’t ignite. Our photo (below) shows an LP gas stove top burner igniter. Gas stoves commonly have an electric ignition system.

This ignition system provides a spark to the gas supply exiting from the burners.

A gas stove that uses an electronic ignition system does not have a pilot light, but rather an ignition switch attached to the control knob. Learn why your gas stove won’t ignite and how to fix it. Fix your gas range burners and oven with these simple solutions that solve most problems. Clean the igniter and burner holes if the burner won’t light.

Problem 1: The gas burner on a gas range won’t light. If your stove has sealed burners, identified by the igniter or little nub at the back of each burner, the lid . A gas cooker is an essential appliance in your home; after all, you cook your favourite dishes on it.

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