How to steam fish chinese style

May A steamed whole fish is a favorite on any Chinese table. This Cantonese steamed fish recipe with soy, scallion and ginger, and a tutorial on . Chinese recipes, prepare authentic Chinese food now!

I love Chinese-style steamed fish–fresh-from-the-tank live fish steamed with soy sauce . Chinese Steamed Fish Recipe with fish-picking do’s and don’t’s from TV Chef and cookbook author, Jaden of Steamy Kitchen. To the Chinese, steamed fish is always a favourite. There are so many different cooking techniques in Chinese cuisine that I find fascinating.

Most people are familiar with stir-frying when it comes . Hong Kong Style Steamed Cod Fish, silky smooth cod with umami sauce. I am submitting this post to Asian Food Fest ( Hong Kong + Macau ) . The authentic Chinese steamed fish recipe contains step by step pictures of the cooking process, and all the tips on how to cook a perfect steamed fish. A whole rockfish is steamed until it’s flaky and moist; hot oil flavored with ginger and green onions is then poured overtop to crisp the skin.

Recipe: Steamed fish, Chinese style. I love the drama of hot oil being over the fish, making the ginger and shallot topping sizzle! Make this Chinese steamed fish recipe using a . The different flavors in this dish complement the Steamed Whole Fish without being too heavy. This is a restaurant style Chinese steamed fish which totally win all the love from my family member and friends. For this Chinese Steamed Fish with Black Bean Sauce recipe we recommend a mild lean fish like co halibut, pomfret, southern hake, or even . This is pretty much the very same version of steamed fish that I grew up having at home.

May This classic Chinese preparation is both simple and dramatic. Steamed whole fish fish is a very popular dish in China and all over Southeast Asia. The Cantonese style of steaming fish is popular in this region as well. Place the steamer over a pan of boiling water.

Sprinkle the rice wine or sherry and half the soy sauce over the fish and steam them for 15-minutes or until just . I’d like to share with you the simple recipe for whole steamed fish, a classic Chinese recipe.


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