How to use a pressure cooker for canning

UPDATE: I’m excited to announce the release of my NEW Canning DVD: At Home Canning For. Pressure canner (when preserving low-acid foods such as vegetables, meats, poultry and (food). HEAT jars in hot water, not boiling, until ready for use.

Pressure Canning can be intimidating but it truly is safe and simple. I am using a pressure cooker for the first time. Do not fill pressure canner over ⅔ full when using for pressure cooking. Caution: Do not use pressure canner on an outdoor LP gas burner or gas range over .

Few things can compare to the joy of having home canned goods in the middle of the winter and. A new pressure canner can cost anywhere from $to several hundred dollars. Tips for Using Your Pressure Cooker. Some people out there believe that you can use a pressure cooker for pressure canning but doing so could.

Power Pressure Cooker XL Canning Session With Linda’s Pantry~. The weight is what you use to determine pressure– the dial is just a back-up in this. Is there a difference between a pressure cooker a pressure canner?


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