Hyundai water dispenser singapore

Hyundai Wacortec is the world leader and specialist in manufacturing water purifiers, dispensers, air purifiers, and various other well-being products. East Peak Pte Ltd is one of the pioneers in the Home Appliances business in Singapore and Malaysia. Hyundai Wacotec Hot Cold Water Dispenser For Office or Home.

A direct piping, point of use (POU) instant auto refill drinking hot and cold water purifier . Hyundai Waco HWJ 110S Table Top Water Dispenser. Hyundai Water Dispensers come in types – Pipe-Ins or Manual Refillable. No more re-ordering of water barrels, no more space consuming barrels, .

Hyundai Wacortec is a manufacturer of water and wellness products. Hyundai Wacortec enjoys a good reputation for quality products not only in Korea but also . Hyundai Wacortec Hot and Cold Water Dispensers comes in 4-stage filtration. Stage and are the same for the options of water filtration: 1. Hyundai’s Life Water Bottle is small and easy to carry around. Hyundai Wacortec Air Filter Purifier (Red White).

Elegance Counter Water Dispenser (UF Nano PH).


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