Ikea airtight container

As well as sealing in the taste, our food storage containers keep everything tidy and easier to fin so you can concentrate on the cooking. FÖRTROLIG food container, clear glass Diameter: cm Height: cm. JÄMKA food container with li set of transparent white, blue.

Visit IKEA online to browse our range of food storage food storage containers. Find plenty of home furnishing ideas and inspiration at IKEA today. And some of our containers are ideal for leftovers as they’re as at home in the freezer as they are in a kitchen drawer. Good-looking and hard-wearing, our range .

IKEA – KORKEN, Jar with li The jar has an airtight seal, which makes it perfect for preserving your favorite homemade jams and jellies. Baskets, Clothes boxes, Secondary storage boxes, Paper . IKEA – IKEA 365+, Dry food jar with li Remove the lid completely to fill the jar and open half the lid to make it easier to pour from. May What I wanted was containers that I could use to prepare and store meals in advance.

But the glass on the IKEA containers are thick enough and the size is tall enough. I found the glasslock type containers are not air tight. Chosigt Grater with Container, Blue.


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